Dalam rangka Hari Kartini. Biografi Kartini dalam Bahasa Belanda
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karen said:

hi, can u have me information about Raden Adjeng Kartini in English, we just need it for school. thanks.

jessica said:

hi....can u give information about ra kartini in english....i need it for sch..i must pass it up next friday...plz help me...i really need it...it s for school...its for my final exam paper..thQ very much

nanda said:

for history i need info about raden adjeng kartini. preferrably only english, bahasa indonesia is okay, please no dutch. i have general info, so it would be nice if you didn't give me that either. asap. thanks!

Kiki said:

I wish it will help u.Kiki.
Raden Ajeng Kartini
From the Darkness of Ignorance to the Light of Education
Raden Ajeng Kartini is a hero in every sense of the word. She heralded women’s emancipation; she fought for equal rights to education regardless of gender and status. She opened the first Indonesian women school and campaigned for Indonesia’s independence from Dutch occupation, thus becoming a national hero.
Born on 21 April 1879, Raden Ajeng Kartini was a princess of Javanese nobility. She lived in Jepara, Central Java. As a carefree child, she always climbed trees and could not sit still. She earned the endearment of “little bird” because of her constant movement.
Kartini’s father was a little modern in allowing her to go to a Dutch elementary school with her brothers. The school was set apart for Dutch people and Javanese nobility. Here she met her Dutch friends and learned Dutch.
According to Javanese tradition at that time, daughters must be kept at home after finishing elementary education. Kartini’s status as a princess ensured her bondage; her father did not allow her to go to school and kept her at home for four years.
Kartini poured out her despair in letters to her friends in Holland. She saw no justice in reserving education to males of nobility. She understood that all Indonesians had to be educated to be liberated. She grieved for Indonesian women who, unlike the men, are not allowed to realize their calling.
In her letter to Stella on 18 August 1899, Kartini complained about the complicated etiquettes of Javanese nobility in carrying one’s self and addressing others. She proclaimed that her own discernment, not rules, would set her behavior.
She was not proud of her privileged status. To her, there are only two nobilities: the nobility of mind and the nobility of deed. She thinks that a person who boasts of one’s ancestors is crazy, since that person has not done any great deeds for humanity.
A 'modern girl,' in Kartini’s definition, is proud, independent, happy, self-reliant, enthusiastic and warm. Most importantly, a modern girl works for her own happiness and the greater good of humanity.
To Mrs. Ovinksoer on 1902, Kartini wrote of her desire to continue her education in Holland. She felt that Holland would prepare her better for the significant work she had chosen. She was determined to have education accessible for women.
Her letter alludes to problems with her father. She was an unconventional Javanese daughter; instead of being submissive and compliant, she had her own mind. On her struggles with her father, she wrote that Heavenly Father and good angels helped her.
Even though she yearned to go to Holland to study, she did not idealize Holland. In her letter to Mrs. Abendanon on 27 October 1902, she wrote that there are lots of things that are not fit to be called civilization beneath the beautiful exterior of European society.
On 8 November 1903, Kartini was married to Raden Adipati Djojoadiningrat. Her husband was not against her idea of women’s education; with his permission, she opened the first women elementary school. The school taught women to read and make handicrafts.
Kartini’s school was a breakthrough in Indonesian education field. It was the first school open to Indonesians regardless of their status. The school put moral education above the mind’s education.
In addition to fighting for women’s rights, Kartini fought for Indonesia’s independence from Dutch occupation. She no longer believed in the oppressors’ “good will.” She fully believed that the Indonesians, empowered by their youths, could bring about independence.
In her late twenties, Kartini died giving birth to her first son. Her admirers established a string of “Kartini schools.” She inspired other Indonesian women heroes, particularly from Sumatra. Her own people, the staunch traditional Javanese, were not particularly responsive.
Armijn Pane translated her letters, titled “Door Duitternis Totlicht,” to Bahasa Indonesia. The title was inspired by a verse of God’s calling out people from darkness into light. This verse can be found in both the Bible and Al Qur’an, the Moslems’ holy book.
Pane translated the tile to “Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang,” which means “After Darkness, Light Is Born.” Kartini’s granddaughter, Prof. Haryati Soebadio, translates it to “Dari Gelap Menuju Cahaya,” which means “From Darkness Into Light.”
Kartini has motivated and inspired many women, including me. I learned that the rights of education for women are dearly bought; I intend to pursue education to the highest degree. It may take me many years to get there, but I will not give up.
My goal is to write books that touch others’ lives, just like Kartini’s letters has touched many lives. I believe that this is my calling: I am going to make history, not just watch from the side as life passes me by. I intend to be a ‘modern girl.’
I want to make people aware of each other. Each and every one of us is different, but difference should not bring animosity. If people understand and recognize their differences, they won’t pass judgment quite so readily.
Principally due to Kartini’s efforts, the 1945 Constitution guaranteed women the same rights with men. All education institutions, voting booths, and working fields are open to women. The educated women have broader career choices and improved rights.
In Indonesia, there are still prejudices against women. In working places, they are placed in the domestic area. They are seen as sex objects; the recent New Order government even chose contraceptives for them. However, the situation is improving.
On 20 October 1999, a woman ran for presidency and lost by 313 votes. Considering the rigid Moslem laws prohibiting a woman leader, it is a wonder she is permitted to run at all. The present Indonesian prime minister is the same woman.
Raden Ajeng Kartini is my personal hero. She struggled for society to come out of their ignorance and prejudice to education and equality. She fought against gender and status discrimination. She also campaigned for Indonesia’s independence. She was a person anyone can look up to.

Andrew said:

I need info on the Indonesian hero Kartini by tomorrow PLZ and thax

Andrew said:

I need info on the Indonesian hero Kartini by tomorrow plz and thax

fernando said:

Raden Ajeng Kartini adalah seorang Pahlawan Yang dikenang dan dibanggakan oleh putra dan putri Indonesia sepanjang masa

romel said:

hi...pwede ko bang malaman ang "talambuhay" ni raden adjeng kartini in filipino...kailangan kasi 2morow...tnx

romel said:

hi...pwede ko bang malaman ang "talambuhay" ni raden adjeng kartini in filipino...kailangan kasi 2morow...tnx(in filipino subj.)

joan said:

pwed ko bang malaman ang liham ni prinsesa kartini? pwed in filipino. pls.

jessica G S said:

i really need back ground, information, anything that envolves ibu kartini, it's fo rmy school project, and it's due next week.... please do it in english so i don't have to bother translating....

thank you so much

leslee said:

Good day! I wish to have the copy of the letter of Raden Adjeng Kartini. Thanks in advance! =)

leslee said:

Good day! I wish to have the copy of the letter of Raden Adjeng Kartini. Thanks in advance! =)

pau said:

need the biography of Reden Adjeng Katini in English pls.. by now

glaiza said:

i want 2 have the details of d life and works of raden adjeng kartini

glaiza said:

i want to have the details of the life and works of raden adjeng kartini in english version

alif said:

can u give information or story about ra kartini in english?!
i really need it.

blake said:

hey when is Kartini Day like the date

Christienna said:

can u give me details of how and why kartini passed away while she gave birth to her first son?



miyavi said:

hidup kartini!!

Leony said:

Kartini,,, di kenamg oleh putra-putri indo,,, kenamgan yg sangat dikenang oleh masyrakat... wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkw...

Bangkit said:

Aq mohon dengan sangat,tolong kirimi aku biografi RA.Kartini donk!Aq ada tugas buat OSPEK hari minggu besok untuk membuat biografinya..
Please..Mohon secepatnya

celine said:

hi.. gud pm..can you tell me about the life of princess stella? and the letter she wrote when she was prison by her parents? in filipino please? we badly need it tomorrow...

celine said:

hi.. gud pm..can you tell me about the life of princess stella? and the letter she wrote when she was prison by her parents? in filipino please? we badly need it tomorrow...

Kawangi said:

i need some quotes form the letter that Kartini send to her friend Rosa Abendana for my school project pls.

Kawangi said:

or any other quotes in Indonesian on her letter to the princess and other people that shows the fact that she what she wrote about her views of the social conditions prevailing at that time, particularly the condition of native Indonesian women.

thanks for giving me a data about raden adjing

.......... said:

tolongin dong tngl 9 november aku ada lomban b inggris jd tlng krm text R.A Kartini ya

.......... said:

tolongin dong tngl 9 november aku ada lomban inggris jd tlng krm text R.A Kartini ya

anya said:

i awawawawaw

syarif said:

Dear Bangkit.
Masih perlu info tentang ibu?
Selain dari buku biografi, saya ada masukan2 tambahan yang tidak dibahas buku, tetapi dari sumber2 yang tahu di kota Rembang dan Mayong-Jepara.

sai-rell said:

pede pouh vha na bigyan mouh aqouh ng
copy ng
-liham ng isang prinsesang javanese?

kung okei lhng po sa i u

paki save nha lhng pouh sa f's qouh!!!!


ean thank you

project kaz amin,eeh

Ivy said:

hi i love kartini
mohon dimuat yg lebih banyak lagi donk tentang kartini,
oh iya buku sejara kartini yg lengkap bisa dibeli dimana?
i kesulitan cari ditoko2 buku

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