heheh check again. It's a photo from "Miss TIFFANY Universe 2005". Yes, TIFFANY as in Pattaya Ladyboy Transvestite Banci Show. Sang "pakar" Roy Suryo harusnya malu dan minta maaf atas pernyataan-pernyataannya.
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Ladyboy said:

They not such pretty ladyboys there, you can find much more sexy than than in Bangkok, have many sexy young cute ladyboy and real thai katoey here.. like me..

ladyboy kat xx

love will keep us alive

Saya Mau Minta Foto julia Perez Mesum.

sigit said:

mau donk picnya

Registered population of Pattaya is around 100,000. However, people who haven't registered are much more than this figure. Majority of the population here consists of Thais who work in Pattaya and long-term expatriates. No other place in Thailand is like Pattaya.

Avoid touching anyone on the head for it is considered a sanctified part of the body.

A 15% to 20% tip would create shock and awe. You should also keep in mind that tipping is not the norm outside Bangkok and Pattaya.

Vfw Pattaya said:

Although Thai food is also plentifully available in Pattaya, it is not that authentic and a bit twisted to suit the Western taste. More or less, Pattaya offers dining options for the tourists of various backgrounds.

Top post writer guy, be you a teacher. I think it is so. Thank you, Amy

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